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  • lavanta,kokulu-ıslak-mendil
  • lavanta,kokulu-ıslak-mendil

Lavender-Scented Wet Wipes

Lavender has a unique and sweet scent and brightens up nature with its colour. And now, it’s more accessible than ever! This beautiful herb is frequently fused for skin care and it will make your days fresher with Fibril Lavender-Scented Wet Wipes.

Areas of Usage: You can use it everywhere for your daily needs.

Product Features

  • You can use them easily, thanks to their soft texture.
  • The product gives the freshness you need with its flower scent.
  • The wipes are skin-friendly for all kinds of bodies.
  • It offers a healthy cleansing with its alcohol and paraben-free formula and pH balance.

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