Hygienic Wipe Cloth

The indispensable companion of daily cleaning!

With its special formula that ensures safe cleaning of the soft, non-scratching texture, fibril wet cleaning towels will be an indispensable part of your daily cleaning routine. Fibril wet cleaning towel is always at hand with its powerful formula wherever you need quick and practical cleaning, always with you for safe use.

Use areas: Houses, cafes, restaurants, food companies, hotels, it can be used in hospitals, educational institutions and other suitable areas.

Product Features

  • Cleans without damaging the surface with its non-scratching texture.
  • Provides easy cleaning with a single sheet.
  • Does not leave any fuzz and stain behind.
  • It is practical and provides cleaning without detergent.
  • It provides convenience with its fast usage feature also in vehicles, boats and offices.

Cleaning Tips With Fibril Blog

Personal care and surface cleaning have been becoming more important recently. Fibril produces every day to keep you and your family healthy.